brazil work visaIn Brazil in the past year the work permits issued to alien nationals has risen by twenty percent. Brazil (as most countries) is in need of skilled workforce. Nevertheless it is not so easy to acquire the residence permit for work.

For the brazil visa of work the list of required documents is particularly long and the filled in forms have to be handed in the regional consulate where the applicant’s registered residency has been for the past twelve months.

Proof of a clean criminal record is also required from the local police at the applicant’s residency. 100 USD for fees and the work contract from the employer of the applicant are also needed.
As soon as all the required documentation is handed in the consulate the proceedings take officially five days. There is a high chance that it takes more time than the official five days. The consulate holds its rights to require additional related information and to invite the applicant to a personal interview which can prolong the process. Regarding the administration it is rewarding to find an employer which is a Brazilian company or at least has an office in Brazil. In these cases the firm usually acts a visa sponsor handling the process.

According to the current case only those foreign companies can apply for their employees visa that have invested at least 200.000 USD in Brazil. Private investors can also obtain visa for brazilian residence permit. Several official sources state that 150.000 Brazilian Real worth of investment is needed to be put into a local bank.

The list of documents required for the application of a Brazilian visa for work:
-Filled out form,
-Declaration of earnings, all foreign earnings have to be declared to the Brazilian tax authorities.
-A copy of the applicants passport, all of its pages including the blank ones have to be notarized.
-Work contract,
-Proof of experience and education needed for the work,
-A copy of the Brazilian tax ID. (CPF),
-A signed and notarized declaration from the applicant that he/she is obliged to take all financial responsibility to any arising health care expenses,
-A declaration from the employer stating the end date of the work contract

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