eu hungary residence bondThe new Hungarian EU residency bond system is one of the best investment residence programs in the world and one of the easiest to get an EU residence. All other countries are offering residency investment programs or by buying a real estate or for a much higher financial contribution/investment. As a general rule, the applicant who can apply via his majority-owned company purchases a specially issued bond with a value of 250.000 EUR and can receive for a minimum of 5 years an EU residence permit in Hungary.The 250.000 euros amount covers also the closer family (husband/wife and minor children under 18).
The bond can be issued exclusively by a finance company which received a permission to do so from the Economics Committee of the Hungarian Parliament. This finance company is legally required to buy a specially-issued government bond from the investment proceeds.
The residence bonds issued by the finance company are fully backed by the Hungarian Government Bonds. Our partner is a Special Bond Agent as a authorised agent of the Hungarian Residency Program for applications filed at the Hungarian consulates and embassies. After investing 250.000 euros for the Investor Residency Bond Program, the residence permit will be issued initially to the applicant.
This permit can be converted to a permanent residency after six months (during this six months the Hungarian authorities complete the due diligent process). Ater the permanent residency the applicant can obtain a dual citizenship in Hungary.
The residency permit allows the new Hungarian resident to live in Hungary, which is a member of the European Union and enables to travel and work in the EU.A new (2013) amendment to the Hungarian Immigration Law forbids the cancellation of the permanent residence permit of the Hungarian Residency Bond Program participant if he/she spends more than 6 months outside Hungary. This means that there is no legal requirement to spend time in Hungary. So the holder of the Hungarian EU Residence can stay unlimited time in any Schengen country. This is one of the major advantages of this system.
Second part: Documents required for the Hungarian Residency Bond (EU Schengen Visa)