Part one: Hungarian Residency Bonds

schengen visa eu residencyThe applicant has to provide the following documents for the Hungarian EU residence:

– Copy of Identity Card,
– Copy of Passport,
– Original reference issued by an internationally recognized bank, the reference can not be older than six months,
– Professional reference letter, from an attorney, notary public, accountant or from an other recognized professional, this reference letter can not be older than 6 months,
– Prove document of evidence of residential address (utility bill, bank statement with the full name and address, or confirmation from a public notary, bank, attorney or chartered accountant)
– A statement of the source of the funds invested in the Hungarian (EU and Schengen) Residence Program
– Clear Criminal Record
– Other certifications and legalization requirements, if they are requested.

The process of obtaining the EU residence, Schengen visa with Hungarian Residency Bond:

The candidate sends 250.000 euros to our partner Residency Bond Agent. After receiving the amount the Residency Bond Agent issue its own registered security (own corporate bond) with a face value of 250.000 euros and with a five years maturity to the investor. There must be made a separate agreement between the applicant and the Residency Bond Agent, because a separate 40.000 EUR processing and administration fee will be charged, see at our prices.

This corporate bond must have same maturity and amount as the government bond into the our partner Residency Bond Agent must invest the funds.
This way, as result the corporate bonds (owned by the investor) will be fully backed by the specifically allocated Hungarian Residency Bond.

The same time when issuing its own security to the investor, the Residency Agent shall provide the applicant/investor with an irrevocable declaration, where certifies that the treasury bond with a nominal value of 250.000 euros with a five years maturity will be purchased from the amount (fund) received from the investor within one and a half month after issuing the applicants residence permit.

The Hungarian residence permit is the fastest and cheapest way to have an EU residence and Schengen visa.

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