brazilian residencyMore and more people want to immigrate to Brazil. We have written about its reasons in our previous article on Brazil visa. The Brazilian economy has great demand for highly skilled labour for which the compensation is very high even in European standards. This could be a good reason to find a job and immigrate to Brazil.

Without a visa a maximum of three month stay is possible for touristic purposes. The amount of time allowed in the country is decided at the port of entry by the customs officer. This should be checked on the entry card on which the amount of time allowed is either stamped or written down. If in any case the amount of time allowed in Brazil is insufficient then of course the permit can be extended in return of a small fee. The family reunion Brazil visa is the easiest to obtain for a Brazilian immigration. However a Brazilian spouse is required for this, having children is an advantage. In this case the original marriage certificate is sufficient if the wedding was in Brazil, if not then an official translation is required. Photographs of the applicant and the spouse also. Proof of residence is required because it will be inspected if the family whether or not lives together. From the date of handing in the application it could take six months, but even a year until the visa is issued.

For a longer stay but one that does not include immigration a so called temporary visa (Visto temporario) is available.
For example professionals receive this for a period not exceeding two years, however this can be extended to another two years. Usually employees who have a temporary work contract with a Brazilian firm are eligible. Applicants must receive part of their salary in Brazil. this type of visa is given to sports professionals and artists. The application has to be handed in the Brazilian Ministry of Employment by the organization that invited applicant. The foreign journalists who work in the country can apply for this kind of Brazil visa, the applicants can not receive their salary within Brazil thus it has to come from abroad. The crew members of ships, researchers and scientists are also in this category.
In the group of applicants who apply for a temporary visa those activities fall that have no remuneration in Brazil, students, missionaries, interns (one year of stay is allowed at the most) and patients who travel to the country for medical care.
The family members of the visa holder can stay in the country as long as the visa is valid, although they can not do any activity that earn money. However if they find a job during their stay then there is no difficulty in changing the temporary visa to a brazilian permanent residency.

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