offshore-bank-accountMeanwhile the high-tax countries are fighting against the offshore sector, it is still working, growing and the offshore bank accounts are producing more and more benefits.

What are the most important advantages of an offshore account?


If you have a proper and well-planned offshore structure with an offshore bank account nobody can take your assets away. Of course if the owner of the bank account is not a criminal. There aren’t any bank on the offshore market which will keep your funds in safety if you are a criminal and the source of your wealth is crime. But a good offshore structure can save your assets from any governmental harassment or civil law cases, like divorce or the investigators of your creditors.

Anonymity of offshore bank accounts

If someone is not a celebrity and don’t want to invest specifically designed forms for gaining more fame, it is always better to manage the money silently. The clients always can open anonym bank accounts and not only in Switzerland but in Panama, Singapore, Hong Kong, Liechtenstein, Luxemburg, etc. The era of the classic anonym accounts is over. The bank has to know who is their client. But the management of the offshore account can be made by numbers instead of names. So, only some bank officials in high position will know the name of the client and the name will not appear in banking statements, only a code number.

Depositor Compensation

If the bank fails the depositor compensation depend on the jurisdiction of the financial insitute. Have to take care about it, when planning an offshore structure.

Easy access

The offshore bank accounts nowadays can be managed easily online and the owner can use its bank/debit/credit card at any ATM. This means that the bank can be on the other side of the world, the owner of the bank account can withdraw money anytime.

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