malta-residence-permitMalta is a beautiful place to live and offers a lot of benefits for expats. Aside the schemes with tax advantages, EU and not EU citizens can also immigrate with ordinary permanent residence permit.

Malta is a member state of the European Union, so the citizens of the other EU countries can live there, using several type of residence permits. If the do not wish to apply for any low-tax Malta residence scheme, they still can enter as employees or by opening a Maltese company. As third possibility they can obtain the “Economic Self Sufficiency” visa.

Requisites of the ordinary Malta permanent residence permit:

– Have to have or rent a property in Malta, but there is no minimum value for it. Any case proof of residental home is required.

– There are no income limits, but the applicant must be able to show and guarantee regular and stable income. Contrary to other EU states, Malta does not provide social assistance in Malta for expats.

– Health insurance is not required if the applicant pays Social Security Contributions or covered by EHIC. If someone uses the “Economic Self Sufficiency” visa, then have to pay for a private health insurance.

– The necessary documents are depending on the type of the Malta permanent residence permit. The applicant for sure will need his/her passport, marriage and birth certificates, police conduct certificates (not for EU citizens) and bank reference letters. Malta has one of the most bureaucratic banks of the world. It is very important to prepare the bank reference letter and also to warn the banker at the previous bank to send urgently the SWIFT reference if needed.

The application for ordinary Malta permanent residence permit is absolutely free without any administration fee.

There aren’t any tax relief for ordinary residents in Malta. This means that the remitted and source income are taxable at progressive rates between 0 to 35%.

Taxation relief dependents is not applicable because the dependents have to acquire own residence as well.

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