malta-residencyThe Global Residence Programme is the new Malta residence program for third country citizens, so for people not from the EU, EEA or Switzerland. The process is easy and the administration fees are low.

Malta has a perfect mediterranean mild climate, the cost of living is very reasonable, the quality of life is very high.


The most important advantages of the Malta residence programme are:
– very low taxation
– EU residence with Schengen Visa
– very cheap administration fees

The tax advantages:

-The applicant do not have to pay tax on his/her worldwide income!

– The applicant must pay at least 15.000 EUR tax every year.

– Only has to pay tax for the foreign sourced income which has been remitted to Malta at a fixed rate of 15%. The applicant can claim double tax relief on such income.

The duration of the whole process is 2-3 month after the applicant gives us all the necessary documents.

Very important to know that any application for the Malta special tax residency must be made by someone who qualifies as an Authorised Registered Mandatory”. Our partner is one of them.

The participants do not have to work from Malta but of course they can obtain a Maltese work permit.

The new Malta residents have to rent or buy a qualifying property as long as he/she wants to have the benefits of tax relief.

Individuals can apply for Malta residence scheme under the Golden Residence Programme, if he/she satisfies all of these conditions:

– Must own a property in Malta for a value of minimum 275.000 euros. If the applicant buys the property in the island of Gozo or in the south of Malta the value reduced to 220.000 EUR.

– The applicant can also rent a property in Malta for at least 9600 EUR/year or in Gozo/south of Malta for 8750 EUR/year.

– The property can not be shared, of course except the family members.

– The applicant and his/her dependants has to have a health insurance which covers all of them for the whole EU.

– The applicant has to be a fit and proper person, before the granting of the special tax status there will be an international due diligence process.

– The applicant must speak English or Maltese.

When the applicant succeeded to have the the special tax residence status in Malta, there are obligations which the authorities will check every year:

– Can not sell or can not stop the rent of the qualified property (but of course can change it).
– Has to continue with the health insurance
– The resident can not spend more than 183 days in any other jurisdiction.
– Has to fill an annual declaration together with the annual tax return

– There is a non refundable fee of 6000 EUR, this amount must be paid when the application process starts.

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