offshore-companyThe time of the offshore company not passed by. The international tax planning is as legal as it always was and will be. More and more jurisdictions are introducing low tax legislation, complying with the international standards.

We offer Tailor-made international trading company and offshore company solutions for our clients.

If the client needs an absolutely transparent and internationally accepted low tax company structure then there is Malta to consider. The Maltese law tax regime have advantages which are hard to find in any other EU member state.
The most important benefit of the Maltese company is that it’s efficient tax rate is only 5% on dividends for non-resident shareholders, then a holding company as dividend feeder can be inserted on the top of the Maltese company to reduce the tax rate to 0%. The Maltese tax system and the Maltese Global Residence Scheme provides the most tax efficient environment inside the European Union.

Switzerland in Europe is still one of the best places to make business. As each Swiss cantons has its own tax rate, it is very easy to use the advantages of the internal tax competition. The Swiss system is totally transparent, the effective tax rate can be reduced to 5-8% and 0% for holding companies.

If someone needs a classic offshore structure there are several offshore financial centers in our portfolio. Our special offer is a business residence for companies in the Cayman Enterprise City, where the clients company can work without any taxation totally legal and transparent in a tropical paradise. Additionally with registering a company there is the work permit in the Cayman Islands for a really very reasonable price! Aside that, of course we can help forming companies in Belize, Gibraltar, Seychelles, Hong Kong, Singapore, Liechtenstein, Monaco, etc.

Our main advantage is that we always looking for official representatives as partners in the field of services. It means that we can offer the cheapest price for the clients.

Of course our consultation is absolutely free of charge!.