Second passport and business citizenship:

You can obtain second passport through direct investment or a deposit. We mediate between our clients and the authorities of the receiving state. We handle the applications, the administration, fees and expenses, if it is required we can organize due diligence investigation.
When acquiring a new citizenship in most cases it is necessary to visit the receiving country.
We can organize the meetings and set up the ceremony, make travel arrangements. If a financial investment or a property is required to obtain a second passport we can help in the secure handling of your funds or help manage your property investments.

Temporary or permanent residency:

You can acquire temporary or permanent  residency through direct investment or incorporation. We can organize the necessary meetings and handle the communication. In certain cases it is possible to arrange the whole transaction online.

Registering an offshore company;

If it is required for the residency or citizenship to register an offshore company at the receiving country then we can assist you in the incorporation process.  We create offshore structures for various reasons like international competitiveness, tax optimisation, e-commerce, etc. It is always possible to reach the clients goals using legal methods.

  • Swiss companies: from 3000 EUR
  • Annual maintenance fee 6000 CHF
  • Gibraltar company: from 2000 EUR
  • Annual maintenance fee from the second year: 1600 EUR
  • Belize company:  from 1600 EUR
  • Annual maintenance fee from the second year: 1200 EUR
  • Panama company: from 1600 euros
  • Annual maintenance fee from the second year: 1200 euros
  • Bank accounts and online bank account opening

We open corporate and private bank accounts in private, offshore and commercial banks.

In Switzerland and Liechtenstein it is possible to open online bank accounts in private banks.

The minimum deposit in a Swiss private bank is 100.000-500.000 CHF. Offshore and international bank accounts are also available. Austria, Belize, Cyprus, Gibraltar, Hungary, Panama.