First part: Hungarian EU residency Bonds
Second part: Documents required for the Hungarian Residency Bonds (EU Schengen Visa)

hungary permanent residencyThe application for temporary Hungarian EU residence can be asked personally at the Hungarian Consulate, where the clients residency is. This can be changed also, depends on the client’s wishes.

There the consular officer records the biometric data (photograph and fingerprint) of the applicant. Then the future resident must provide the following documents:

– Valid travel document (Passport)
– 2 original passport-sized photos
– Proof the he/she is the owner of the corporate bond issued by our partner Residency Agent (see more information about it here)
– Declaration of the Residency Bond Agent that will purchase the Residency Bonds issued by the Government of Hungary in less than 45 days.
– A Power of Attorney issued to a Hungarian lawyer (the Residency Agent can provide it) to act as legal representative. The applicant and also the consular officer must sign and certify the Power of Attorney.

If all documents are provided in order, the Hungarian Immigration and Citizenship Authority will issue the residence permit in 8 working days. Then the relevant authorities will do the due diligence process.

When the applicant fills the Hungarian EU residence application, he/she must decide that wants to pick up the residence card personally in Hungary or would prefer if his/her lawyer sends it where he/she wants.

In the first case, after the residence permit is approved, the client can ask for a 30 day visa to travel to Hungary, which will be granted immediately.

In the same time of the application, the spouse and minor children can also apply for the Hungarian EU residence permit as “family unification”. They don’t have to invest any additional funds. But have to prove the existence of family relations with documents and have to have a support declaration from the original applicant certifying his/her responsibility for the living costs.

After 6 month the Hungarian residence permit can be converted into permanent residence permit.

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