greece-residencyFrom 2013 Greece also offers EU residency for investment. By purchasing a Greek property the client can have a residency in Greece valid for all Schengen countries.

The process of obtaining residency in Greece by purchasing property:

The first thing is, that the applicant must have a Greek Tax ID number, this can be obtained from abroad. If someone doesn’t want to travel to Greece, then our official partner will prepare a Special Power of Attorney and with this the Greek Consulate or Embassy will execute it in the country of the client.

After obtaining the Tax ID, the client needs a tourist visa to visit Greece and find a property for sale or can have a special visa based on the Law 2013/4146 for the new property owner and his/her family, after the presentation of specified documents. Our partner will assist to gather all supporting documents.
When the client is in Greece, has to open a Greek bank account in any Greek bank (only passport and utility bill is needed as prove of residential address).
After the client selected the property, our partner will help to do the due diligence and the title search in the land registry, verifying all necessary datas.
When the due diligence has been completed the client will transfer the funds to purchase the property.

Our partner assists the client with the registration of the title deed and land registry “Executing purchase contact” after the process of purchasing the property.

Now the special visa can be obtained (Law 4146/2013) for the client and his/her family.

The next step is a medical exam for all applicants in a public hospital, wit this the application for the residency permit in Greece  is complete for the whole family.

Our partner will assist the client during the whole process.

Upon request we can send you the list of all requirements and documents.

The price (fees and costs of Greek residency permit):

– The minimum investment is 250.000 euros.
– Professional and legal fees: For the first applicant 5500 EUR, for Family Members 2750 EUR/person.

The translation of all documents to Greek is also required..