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Other than the customary Dominican, Panamanian etc. passports FICA can help in obtaining a Guinea-Bissau passport by participating in the Guinea-Bissau Foreigner Investment Program. The amount of investment required for the service starts from 36.000 EUR.

Guine-Bissau is a sovereign state in West-Africa. As a very poor country they desperately need investors to develop the economy. Because the lack of investment and professionals Bissau-Guinea can not utilize their resources.

The Guine-Bissau Business Citizenship is one of the most efficient and economical ways of obtaining a second passport. As there are a lot of fake passports, the investor will receive personally the passport and the citizenship documents from Secretary of Foreign Affairs in Bissau the capital of the country.

Process of obtaining the Guine-Bissau passport and Citizenship

Our partner is a law firm which has all credentials from the government of Guine-Bissau, as the only official agency they guarantee the best price for the applicants.
First the applicants have to fill in the necessary due diligent documentation and send the notarized copies of his/her passport and the proof of address (other documents can be asked also, it depends on personal circumstances).
It takes more or less 2 weeks to 1 month time to verify the application form and the documents.
Then the applicant has to travel to Guine-Bissau for the citizenship ceremony or in special cases, can receive the passport in one of the appointed embassies of the African country.

Benefits of the passport and business citizenship of Guiné-Bissau:

Cheapest offer on the market
Very fast process
The new citizen can immediately change his/her name.
There are several international banks accepting the GB passport for bank account opening.
There is a 7 years long tax exemption for the companies incorporated in Guine-Bissau.
The new citizen can have immediately his/her ID card and new driving licence.

Fake passports from Guiné-Bissau:

There are a lot of fake African passports on the market. How can the applicant be sure that he/she is investing in a real citizenship of Guiné-Bissau?
First the client has to ask for the credential of the agency. The credential from the government of Guine-Bissau always has the dry or oil stamp of the relevant ministry. A real passport and other citizenship documents can be received ONLY in the appointed governmental building in Guine-Bissau or in the appointed embassies from the hand of the ambassador. There are no other legal possibilities. Please take care!