swiss-company“In a changing world, Switzerland continues to bank on strong values”, says the December newsletter of the Greater Geneva Berne area.

The Swiss society is going through a series of international political, social and economic pressures. These problems have a strong effect on the life and results of the Swiss companies.

But despite the turbulent times, Switzerland is and will be stable and has the successful core values in its bank sector.

The most important values looks like are eternal in the Swiss banks:

The liberal economic policy of Switzerland helps the national competitiveness and labor flexibility and guaranteeing a really low unemployment rate (3%).

Switzerland is still can offer attractive fiscal advantages for foreign investors, because of their financial discipline

One of Switzerland’s greatest value is knowledge. The close collaboration between the universities and the world of business creates a very innovative atmosphere by quality in education.

Switzerland’s political stability, the mutual trust between the political leaders and the population has led to a flourishing state.

That is also very important that the Swiss society has the “willingness to accept companies from abroad”, because they contribute to the prosperity of Switzerland and it is critical for the Swiss people’s wellbeing.
These are the most important reasons why is Switzerland still the most competitive country in the world, it is on the top of the World Economic forum ranking for the last five years. That’s why the Switzerland is unaffected by the crisis and instead of brain drain, the best talents from all over the world are arriving to the country. This country is the most powerful in human capital ahead of Finland and Singapore. There is an other first rank for the Swiss people: their country is still the number one in the global innovation rankings.

In the last years Switzerland’s economy has reached the historic high, almost the half of the Swiss company managers are from abroad.

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