Swiss residence permit, real estate investment and work are in strong coherence so it is worthwhile to summarize the relating provisions.
The original rulings have changed notably since the EU swiss residency - obtaindulacitizenship.comSwiss treaty brought into action in 2004. The importance of borders have become less and the EU citizens received significant mitigation.

In September 2005 the Swiss nationals have voted with a 56% majority to open the Swiss borders for employees arriving from EU countries. The vote widened what has been put down in the treaty nevertheless doubts have been drawn up regarding the 10 newly joined countries citizens. Interim directions apply to the 10 new member states’ citizens; these directions are regulated by closures for each state.

Citizens of the EU can practically move freely within Switzerland as can Swiss citizens in the EU. Until the end of 2007 a fixed quota system has been in effect that limited the number of annual long term and short term residency permits to 15 000 and 115 000 respectively. From 31st May 2007 the residency quota affecting EU citizens has been waived. The effects of the waiver is being analyzed since June 2009, if there is no need for further amendments the quota system will be abolished in 2014.


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