Swiss Residency

Swiss residence permit requirements part 2: Residence and work permit, citizenship

swiss residencyShort Swiss residence permit (Swiss visa): For citizens of those states who can enter into Switzerland without a visa 90 days of stay is allowed after which the visitor has to leave the country.

The most commonly used Swiss temporary residence permits are the “120 day” permit, the A, B or C type permits, the “financial agreement” permit and the permits issued to political refugees.

The “A” (the so called blue collar worker permit) and the political refugee permits will not be detailed here. The rest of the permits except the “120 day” permit are based on quota. However for the EU citizens owing to the treaty the quota system has practically lost its significance.

The “120 day” Swiss residence permit:

This enables the managers or specialists of companies to spend 120 at most in a certain location. The rotation between several people is not permitted.